I do not believe it is the role of government to arbitrarily legislate incalculable moral decisions.

I am not willing to engage in the fruitless black and white discussion about where life begins. There are approximately 280 days between conception and birth and just as many answers to the question.

My personal view is that "life" absolutely does not begin at conception, but I am also not of the mindset that "life" only begins at birth. There is a moral middle-ground to this issue and all points of discussion require a personal conclusion (often involving some form of faith). For this reason I do not support any legislation that attempts to limit or restrict a woman's right to seek an abortion in the State of Texas.

Furthermore, I would publicly support any conversation that addresses the issue of unwanted pregnancy. I fully support all forms of sexual education and birth control.

However, and as a pragmatic middle-ground solution for conservative Texans (seeing on how they do represent the majority in the state), I would support excluding abortions and abortifacients from taxpayer funds if and only if this resulted in their use not being restricted by law. I would publicly work with non-profits across the State of Texas to help ensure these options were still available to anyone seeking them through voluntary groups and non-profits.